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Student Organization

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Student Organization

Student Organizations serve as a path and platform for self-development of students at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) at Universitas Islam Riau (UIR), fostering expanded insights, intellectual growth, and the development of personality and behavior to achieve the goals of high-quality higher education. Student organizations at FKIP UIR consist of:

  1. The Student Council of the Faculty (DEMA) is an organization that serves a legislative and normative function at the faculty level.

  2. The Student Executive Board of the Faculty (BEM) is an organizational body that functions as an executor of student activities at the faculty level.

  3. The Student Activity Unit of the Faculty (UKM) is a supporting body of the student organization at the faculty level that carries out activities in a specific field under the BEM.

  4. Faculty Program Student Associations (HMPS) are student organizations that function as executors of student activities, particularly those related to reasoning and science, within each academic program..