Faculty of
Teacher Training and Education

FKIP Study Program

Universitas Islam Riau

FKIP Study Program

The Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at Universitas Islam Riau (FKIP UIR) is an Educational Institution for Teacher Training (Lembaga Pendidikan Tenaga Kependidikan or LPTK), which provides 9 (nine) Bachelor degree Study Programs (S1), including:

Study ProgramAccreditation
1. Indonesian Language and Literature Education (S1) B
2. English Language Education (S1) B
3. Performing Arts Education (S1) B
4. Mathematics Education (S1) Good
5. Biology Education (S1) Very Good
6. Physical Education (S1) Good
7. Accounting Education (S1)) B
8. Primary School Teacher Education (S1) Good
9. Chemistry Education (S1) Good

The Study Program in the FKIP UIR environment is one of the initial programs that serve as a gateway to entering the world of work. It provides a platform for developing skills and establishing relationships, catering to high school and vocational school graduates. Additionally, it serves as an equivalent opportunity for those seeking to pursue higher secondary education.